On Religions

Posted on February 3, 2015

I’m a believer.

If I am to label my religious system, that’d be reformist Judaism. Which is ironic, as I value Judaic Tradition very much and think of it as of the most important part of Judaism.

That being said, I have a strong opinion on uselessness of religious debates.

It is quite obvious that existence of G-d is unprovable in terms of physical world. It means that discussions involving G-d, its existence and its miracles are orthogonal to discussions involving observable reality. Simply speaking — G-d is irrelevant in trans-personal reality.

What happens when we mix discussions regarding G-d into discussions about reality and use those to perform social decision-making? Well, even our intentions are good, after some time we will end up with two parasitic camps of extremists — manipulators (read: Church, corrupt pseudo-Rabbis, Muslim terrorist cells, Induism esoteric sects, …) and opposition (read: aggressive atheists who make money on eternal struggle against creationists). Both extremist groups are are at the very least non-constructive and at most — destructive, sometimes even oppressive.

By not discussing any intelligent creation belief system publicly (doesn’t matter, yours or others’) and explaining your [religious] peers why they shouldn’t do so either, you’ll make the world a better, more peaceful and G-dly place.

Also, I find this answer by Dr. Tyson extremely reasonable —