Posted on February 15, 2015

I find modern indie-scene most amusing. Even though I’m not the hugest fan of musical part of this culture, the organizational side of it is quite interesting.

Mechanisms of expenses minimization and effective management are moving and impacting indie-scene vastly.

Take musical covers — for instance, band Tunng (pioneers of folktronica genre) covered “Pioneers” by Bloc Party;
Then we have Birdy, indie musician and singer from UK, backed by Warner Music, covering huge amount of modern compositions, including indie-star’s “Skinny Love”.

It’s interesting how in this culture — powered by the Internet — some well-recognized cultural artifacts are used as a trampoline for other artists. Much like with cover bands, but on a global scale.

Overall, indie-culture turns out to be the other side of popular culture, having different target audience and different propagation methods. As a great friend of mine said — the real deal is happening only in the kitchens and think-tank flats, all the rest is basically the same.