Robert Wyatt and Boris Grebentshikov — Stella Maris

Posted on May 20, 2015

Here I post translation of the description of Stella Maris, single, made possible by the determination of Boris Grebentshikov and talent of Robert Wyatt.

Please listen to this piece. It’s good for your soul!

A while ago, in a monastery in Tibet on Kathmandu I was talking to a monk who was a helper to old Lama Tsechu, who became world-famous thanks to the book by Lama Ole Nydahl “Diamond Way Buddhism”. I needed to get a blessing from Tsechu. “Simply ask him”, the monk said; “I don’t feel comfortable disturbing Lama with such a request”, I replied; to that, the monk proclaimed a great truth: “shy won’t get enlightened”.

That’s foreword to our story, and here is the story:

Once during recording of “Salt”, the album, I thought of how great would it be if one of my most adored musicians in the world — Robert Wyatt — could play cornet in the last song of the album — “Stella Maris”. That song felt like a perfect fit for him. I wrote Robert a letter asking to participate in the recording, but was politely refused: “I’d be happy to, but I’m done with making music forever”.

When the song was finished, I — without any plotting — sent it to Robert: “here’s the song which I had in mind”. His response stunned me. Robert wrote that he liked the song very much and for the sake of contributing to this song he is ready to make music once again, asking for a permission to work with it. In two months he sent us his own version of “Stella Maris“ where not only he plays cornet but also sings. Recently, complying with his wish, we have released it online.

Miracles happen.