Religions are Monolith

Posted on November 23, 2015

In this really short post I want to deliver one simple thought — there is no sense to split each religion into “good sects” and “bad sects”.

One can say that Judaism is alright, it’s just casual rock-throwing is a tiny little bad part of it. No, it’s not. It’s a problem to be dealt with. It’s a problem that discredits religion by showing that immature behaviour is casually employed.

One can say that Christianity is alright, it’s just oppressive sects, such as LDS or Jehovah’s Witnesses are a bad part. It is wrong. Those sects exploit the philosophy of love, giving promises of care to people who need someone to care about them, getting in return what’s left of lives of those people. This is the problem of the entire movement and it has to be addressed by Christians.

One can say that Islam is alright, Muslims who kill other Muslims and innocent people are the bad part. Notice how this discourse is exploited by those who possess power. “Hey, look, we have Sufism that’s a good part”! Well, tell that to those Muslims who kill Sufis in organized and ruthless fashion. The ones who has to strive to break this status quo first have to be people of power in Muslim-majority governments. But they don’t seem to care much, leaving religious leaders to stand in and come up with excuses trying to convince people that Islam is a religion of peace, it’s just something “those bad guys” didn’t understand.

If you are an adept of any religion, just stop for a second and think critically about it. Stop separating your religion into movements for one little second and see if it makes sense to fight for something like that, seen as a monolith. See if it’s worth making somebody else consider adopting your belief system. If you think that the answer is “yes”, you are not right; even if your “religion” is atheism.