Remarks on Boosted Format (M:tG)

Posted on January 6, 2016

Earlier I was going through fun custom formats and picked “Boosted” format, which is described by its creator the following way:

In boosted formats (e.g. Boosted Modern), all Magic cards cost 2 less to play, and so does the mana cost in their triggered and activated abilities, and the starting life total is 40. Only the colorless part of a mana cost is reduced in this way, i.e. Lightning Bolt would still cost R, but also Arc Lightning would cost R, and just to take a random example, Teneb, the Harvester would read:

Teneb, the Harvester




Whenever Teneb, the Harvester deals combat damage to a player, you may pay B. If you do, put target creature card in a graveyard into play under your control.

In this format, cards that are considered traditionally strong in Modern could become less effective due to the availability of cards that for the same cost do a much better effect. Moreover, cards with too expensive mana cost in classical Modern, would become playable in Boosted Modern, the same for Standard, Limited, and whatever format. Probably, there would be the need of banning several cards.

I think that it can be fixed by saying “All costs are reduced by {2}. If this change of cost changes cost to be {0}, it changes it to be {1} instead“.

It will still be an interesting format with fast “broken” cards, but we won’t end up introducing any super-moxen or some such.

Also, wording “All costs are reduced by {2}” is so elegant, I just can’t resist it. Looking forward to play a Boosted Booster Draft.