Progressive Hunt

Posted on May 21, 2016

So I came up with a new reality show — go to an unknown city and try to find an album of a progressive rock band. That sounds less stupid than you might think it is, it’s a great way to meet fellow progheads and see the town from the inside. Having a goal while traveling actually makes it fun and less pointles for me.


For me, the town was Tallinn, and the album was In the Land of Grey and Pink by Caravan. First I went to the most hipster place I could find. It’s called, located on the third floor, on Pikk 9, in the Old Town. Not only didn’t they have any progressive music, but also they had little other music than some Estonian underground. A fun shop to attend, but I had to move on. From the guy working there I got recommendations to go to Viru Trading centre and try Laserit (or what was it called? I don’t remember, really, it was — spoiler alert — a waste of time anyway), which was supposed to be the biggest records shop in Tallinn.

Third Floor

So I went to Laserit. It had nothing. It was small. They had no idea about any non-mainstream music. It was just sad. They sent me, however, to a hipster book / recording store on the third floor, which yielded no luck. In desperation, I started to ask around for alternatives, and people suggested a new store called “Terminal”, which was in another building of the same centre. I got there to get lost in ridiculously laid out clothes shops, but to be saved by a nice worker of a rather shitty shop. She directed me to “Terminal”.


There was no needed album there, the last copies of both LP and disk were sold two days ago, but a guy working there actually knew a lot about Cravan, and he knew quite a bit about the prog scene in general. He gave me three directions — to nailboard, which is a big webshop, rockroad community on Facebook (these guys apparently are keen on selling musical curiosities) and music second-hand Led Zeppelin.

Sinilind <3

I found nailboard’s phone number on their website and called them, they happened to have the album, LP and CD, original mastering and remake. I ordered the original disk and went there to get it. NB! As it is a web-shop, their office and their storage are at different places. Storage is on Madara 31. Go there. There are no signs, but the employee in charge will meet you.

Sneaking Chevy Chase

The disk was comparitively cheap, and the guy who sold it to me got a considerable tip for awesomenes.

And that’s how you buy progressive music in Tallinn.

Atey giving Jenny a gift