Articles and papers (March 2015)

Posted on March 1, 2015

bennofs. 2015. Merge nix-shell and build environments of haskell derivations

Interesting read (both code-wise and discussion-wise). Even declined PRs are worth reading.

Livescience. 2015. Beyond Higgs: 5 Elusive Particles That May Lurk in the Universe

Pop-sci journal that actually feels like it’s written by paparazzi in a very distinctive scandalous language. Enjoyed this particular article, maybe there’s more, but I feel like it gets tiresome very fast.

Loria K. 2015. What is blue and how do we see color?

Another article touching the fact that human conventions and perception are arbitrary.

Arapov A. 2015. USB bootable NixOS - UEFI version

This article is great because if you read between the lines, you actually get to understand the mechanism UEFI uses to boot.

I’m not saying that UEFI is a good idea, I’m saying that this article plus some thinking provides one with a generic way to make UEFI-bootable iso`s.