Liberty Magic Baltics. Season One: Anaba Circuit

Posted on June 9, 2020

It’s been exactly a week since I have announced Liberty Magic Baltics initiative. Since then I was working hard on fleshing it out based on the feedback I got about it…

It should be obvious that rebuilding a competitive scene in the region is a tough job. So my Magic: the Gathering team and the community around it, decided to take a step-by-step approach.

  1. Sponsorship. I’m proud to announce that on December 19th and 20th there will be a 1,500€ prize pool paper event with 600€ / 250€ / 150€ / 100€ x 5 distribution (and with no intentional draws). It’s going to be held in a fancier venue than the ones you’re used to. In the likely event of the second wave of COVID19 pandemic, the event won’t be canceled, but instead will be held online. Either way the event will be televised.
  2. Qualifiers. To get to play in the event, you’ll have to either qualify through qualifiers or get a good score in the circuit league. Standard entry fee of a single league tournament is 10€ and there will be zero rake. 100% of entry fees will be distributed as prizes during Season One. Moving forward, it might change slightly to pay the venue costs, staff, et cetera, but that’s far-fetched as for now.
  3. Exploration. During season one the predominant formats will be Crafter (choose six sets, build a deck over the course of two weeks from non-banned cards from these sets) and Cube (draft archetypical decks in from a finely selected set of cards). While playing paper Crafter, perfectly fitting proxies are allowed outside WPN stores. Read more about the formats in the cheatsheet.

Offline qualifiers

There will be two qualifiers were the first place finish guarantees you a spot in the final tournament.

One will be held by the major LGSs of Riga (Megagame), Vilnius (Rikis) and Kaunas (World of Games). The tournaments will happen some time this August. The person with the best result who’s not yet qualified will get qualified in each city.

The other qualifier will be a last chance qualifier held in Riga on December 4th and 5th.

A total of six players shall qualify through offline qualifiers. Now where do the other ten come from?..

Qualifying through the online circuit

Anaba circuit will consist of weekly events. Formats will alterate between Crafter constructed and Cube limited. Registration and entry fee payment deadline is two weeks prior to each event. Registration for the first event and the second event will be concluded on the same day: Jun 20th. Please fill in registration form for Crafter (Jun 27th) and/or registration form for Cube (Jul 4th). While I’m extending my cube to be 360-card large, we’re going to be playing magef’s premodern cube.

If you have any questions, check out format cheatsheet and current circuit rules and guidelines. If you still have questions, reach out to @calm at Discord or shoot me an E-Mail at jm <at> memorici <dot> de.

Finally, we would appreciate a lot if you could help us with volunteering some of your time for the common cause! If you do, please contact me over E-Mail!

Happy crafting!

Formats for Season 1

Rules and Guidelines

Here’s a list of rules and guidelines for participating in circuit events.


While participating in Liberty Magic Baltics events outside of WPN stores you are allowed to use perfectly fitting colored proxies. Perfectly fitting means that they are almost exactly 63 × 88 mm, but not larger. With corners being arcs that are almost exactly arcs of 3 mm radius. Colored means that they are printed using color ink or paint particles in a laser printer at a DPI setting no less than 150 with source image resolution at least 600 x 900 px. If a proxy is printed on paper that is heavier than 80g, it should have an explicit “NOT FOR SALE” disclaimer placed on it.

We’re looking into a way to standardize proxy-making process for Liberty Magic Baltics.

It goes without saying that usage of counterfeit cards is strictly forbidden.


A special thank you to all of those who provided feedback and seem to care about competitive Magic in the region the most. You make me believe that what I’m doing is not in vain:

and many many more.

Anaba Spirit Crafter

Anaba Spirit Crafter