A man without a country

This is a personal blog about functional programming, information security, operating systems, literature and other (less interesting) topics.

It is partitioned into three disjoint blocks, each with its own RSS feed —

If for some reason you want to read everything, there’s a feed called “Everything” just for that.

There are no commentaries in this blog. If you want to share your thoughts about a post here, you can reach me by E-mail (jmפmemorici·de) and on IRC (MagBo @ {freenode, hyperboria, dorknet}). All the valuable inputs will get to the virtual pages of this blog in form of posts or guest posts.

This blog is hosted on a server running Arch Linux; is hosted on a server running NixOS; generated by Hakyll which, in turn, was built from Nix expression.
Let’s all appreciate open source community!

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