Jons Mostovojs

founder, technical adviser

& software architect

A functional programmer and a founder with a passion for simple and elegant solutions.

I have co-founded Serokell, one of the biggest functional programming consultancies and Doma, a product and service company which prizes itself with implementing scalable software systems.

I act as a technical advisor and a board member of these companies.

Need the best IT consultancy service? Hire me!

I use Elixir, Lean 4, and Rust to build scalable and reliable software systems. For deployment and infrastructure I use modern Nix augmenting this with Bazel, Docker compose v2, Kubernetes, and NixOS.

For running my IT companies, I use principles of remote-first teams, tracable and transparent processes.

For project work, I use systems engineering principles, identifying the needs of the stakeholders and making sure that the requirements are based on those.